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Why We Do it

Client Centered

Rose Greene founded her company with the mission to provide comprehensive financial planning and sound investment management.  Her legacy continues under the compassionate leadership of David Aronovitch.

To say we deeply care about your financial success is an understatement, it’s what we came into the world to do. The primary quality you instantly feel when working with us is empathy. We wear our hearts on our sleeve, passionately committed to your financial success and therefore much more interested in who you are, what your hopes are, and what you fear most, financially.

Our mission is to help you work toward financial independence through planning. That is, spending time with you to determine your goals and objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and to help you make suitable financial decisions for your future. Once we design a financial plan that fits your situation, we provide continuous, extensive support, striving to help you make steady progress toward your desired goals.