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Ava Carberry

Ava Carberry

Administrative Assistant

Born in L.A., but raised in Chicago, Ava is a true big-city kid.  After attending what was to become Cal State Northridge (the former SFVSC) as an English major/Philosophy minor, she entered the world of business, eventually landing at Pardee Homes as a marketing and research assistant.

After 8 years at Pardee as Marketing Director, Ava went from being the builder-client to serving builder clients when she joined Color Design Art, an internationally recognized leader in model home design and interior merchandising.

Being a small, highly creative environment, CDA gave her the opportunity to wear many hats over her 28 year tenure. Working directly with clients to provide quality service and create exciting new home communities was her greatest satisfaction. She developed new business and increased builder design awareness through public speaking and teaching national IRM classes. She authored many articles for major industry publications and kept CDA’s website up-to-date and relevant.  As Vice President/PR-Mktg., and member of the management team she also participated in the day-to-day workings of the company, from budgeting and staff scheduling to arranging annual employee events. “Our Christmas parties were absolutely legendary!”

Sadly, all good things must end and CDA closed its doors in 2009.  Ava then took a position in a brand new industry, becoming the office manager and executive assistant at TGC Management, learning how to strategically maneuver in the worlds of music entertainment and corporate philanthropy.

After 5 years, she was finally ready to retire and start a new chapter in her life…which she managed to do for six months.  Then friend and trusted financial advisor, Rose Greene, called about an administrative position opening at her office.  The rest, as they say, is history.

A vocal advocate for people with special needs, Ava has been a volunteer coach and advisory board member for Westside Special Olympics for over 25 years.  It not only brings her great personal satisfaction … it also brought her the greatest love of her life, husband Rick.  Together they have traveled the world, follow track and field, live and die with Notre Dame Football, love dogs, catch the latest movies and never miss a chance to enjoy Mexican food.